Airblack Career Seminars reach 5000+ people in 30 cities


In a bid to revolutionize the beauty industry, Airblack initiated a series of micro offline events in late-2022, targeting local Makeup Artists. What commenced as a modest endeavor quickly transformed into a massive movement. Within just four months, Airblack successfully organized over 200 career meet-ups, spanning across 30+ cities in India, cultivating a robust localized community of over 5,000 individuals.

These complimentary seminars serve as a beacon for budding female entrepreneurs in the beauty domain. Attendees benefit from invaluable mentorship by industry stalwarts and receive actionable insights to kickstart and expand their ventures. This initiative is a testament to Airblack’s unwavering commitment to its mission: empowering individuals with real earning opportunities and bridging the gap between traditional education and actionable outcomes. By fostering a community of passionate learners and providing them with the tools and guidance they need, Airblack continues to redefine vocational education and entrepreneurship in India.


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